Founded in 1987, the Martello Enrichment School represents the realization of a lifelong dream of Catherine Mills to provide quality education for children. Born in Kingston, Catherine has infused the Martello School with the same sense of community, history, and intellectual rigor that she was raised with. Beginning with a modest oneclassroom setting in 1987, the Martello School began as an opportunity for 10 students, ranging from Senior Kindergarten to Grade 3, to receive individualized programming from caring educators. The addition of a Kindergarten classroom in 1994 allowed for a more structured approach to early childhood development and the 1998 expansions saw the addition of three classrooms that allowed the staff to accommodate the ever growing interest in the Martello approach to education. Today, 26 years later, the Martello School offers the same child-centered, individualized education upon which it was founded to over 70 students ranging from Junior Kindergarten to Grade Six. Situated in the heart of downtown Kingston, and sharing a learning space with the historic Princess Street United Church, the Martello School has always put the values of individualized learning and attention, well-rounded educational experiences, and community centred extracurricular opportunities first.

Educational Beliefs

Martello Enrichment School believes in a holistic and individualized approach to education. In practice, this means students are offered a wide range of intellectual and social opportunities that are tailored to their own individual rate of development and achievement. Intimate classroom settings at Martello offer an alternative to the growing number of crowded and impersonal learning environments. Parents can rest assured knowing their children are being challenged and inspired to develop their intellectual curiosities by a staff of caring professionals who take the necessary time to attend to the individual abilities and needs of each student. Combining classical foundations in Mathematics, Science, English, and Geography with the Martello School’s specialty programs, we bring together the intellectual, social, and psychological development of each student through a broadly structured educational experience. Through the French program, students begin developing written and oral language skills that will serve them throughout both their academic and professional lives. Involvement in Physical Education and district sports teams are an opportunity for children to learn about their own health and fitness while exploring the relationship between team work and personal success. Similarly, theatrical productions and concerts at Martello offer a unique opportunity for students to learn about fine arts and culture while building self-confidence. Yearly local and regional field trips allow students at Martello to have fun while developing a sense of history and community. This focus on a broad set of intellectual and social skills ensures that students become self confident, independent learners at an early age and are adequately prepared for the challenges of high school and post-secondary education.

Grade Structure

Martello School begins at the Junior Kindgergarten level, followed by senior kindergarten and a traditional grade 1 to 6 framework based on the Ontario Cirriculum (Link) then strives to exceeds those standards. We do that by following a philosophy that students should reach beyond the minimum and be given the opportunity to pursue knowledge to the maximum of their abilities. For instance, the curriculum recommends that French begin in Grade 3, however at Martello we introduce this at the Jr. Kindergarten level. Similarly, Martello students regularly master the multiplication tables by grade 2, while the Ontario Curriculum mandates this at the grade 3 level. At Martello we enrich each of the grade subjects to give students a broader experience and expanded learning opportunities.

Phys Ed
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Gr. 4 x x x x x x x x
Gr. 5 x x x x x x x x
Gr. 6 x x x x x x x x

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